International Food
• Chinese Pork Dumplings
• Chinese Vegetarian Dumplings
• Indian Samosas
• Indian Butter Chicken
• Indian Dhal
• Indian Lamb Curry with Indian Bread and Chutney
• Indonesian Beef Rendang
• Sri Lankan Vegetarian Curry
• Dijuej maa bausall we potato (chicken with onion and potatoes) from Iraq
• Greek Patitsio (Greek Lasagne)
• French Chorizo Cassoulet

• Sausages
• Beef burgers
• Vegie burgers
• Hot chips
• Soft drinks
Cakes and Desserts
Treat yourself to homemade goodies to enjoy on the day and some to take home.
• Cupcakes
• Whole cakes
• Slices
• Biscuits
• Fudge
and much more!

Get yourself a fresh espresso coffee to go with your sweet treat.
Beach Bar
• Local craft beer
• Wine
• Cider
​• Sangria
• Soft drinks

Juice Bar
Fruit smoothies and juices, freshly blended while you wait.
Stall Location Map